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Our Mission is to Make a Difference By Empowering and Encouraging People to Live Healthier. One of the best ways to do that is to go to the doctor when you have a health problem, and for regular check-ups. We provide educational health information to help you find the healthcare you need locally where you live.


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traditional-chinese-medicine-for-womenTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic system of medicine and it’s most fundamental goal is to return an individual to their truest nature and balance. Many people are more familiar with acupuncture and herbal medicine but utilizing all five branches allows patients to be an integral partner to restoring...Click here for the complete article
July 2014 by Kimberly Townes,
women’s-health-in-dentistryIn today’s world, women carry several responsibilities of the family and that include scheduling routine dental and wellness appointments. For dental wellness it is recommended to have biannual exams and cleanings. As for home care, mothers usually carry the responsibility of overseeing their children learn how to brush their teeth...Click here for the complete article
the-art-of-tattoo-removalThere are many questions that are asked when the topic of tattoo removal comes up. Here are some popular ones that I have been asked over the years: Q: How safe and effective is laser tattoo removal? A: Laser tattoo removal is an effective and safe method to remove tattoos. Most clients...Click here for the complete article
a-little-help-pleaseAs women, we don’t often ask for help. Often when we do, it’s because we are already overwhelmed. But who has time for a break from kids, family, and friends? How do you get what you need? How do you support yourself, so you have something left to give? Fortunately, I’m...Click here for the complete article
July 2014 by James Willis, DDS
what-exactly-is-a-dental-implant?You and your dentist can work together to keep your natural teeth as healthy, functional, pain-free, and beautiful as possible. However, sometimes we lose teeth due to infection, decay, or trauma.  If you are missing a tooth, for whatever reason, your dentist may recommend a dental implant to replace it. It’s important...Click here for the complete article

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