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Our Mission is to Make a Difference By Empowering and Encouraging People to Live Healthier. One of the best ways to do that is to go to the doctor when you have a health problem, and for regular check-ups. We provide educational health information to help you find the healthcare you need locally where you live.


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February 2015 by Orly A. Katz, LCPC
change-the-negative-impact-of-facebookMany of us enjoy using social web sites such as Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends or get acquainted with new ones. But for some avid users, Facebook also brings frustration and annoyance: “I don’t want to see anymore engagement ring pictures posted.” “She is oh so perfect, I...Click here for the complete article
February 2015 by Husna R. Baksh, MD
prevention-of-cardio-disease-cutting-edge-methodsWould you be surprised to know 64% of women and 50% of men who died suddenly had no previous symptoms? In this day and age, we must be doing something terribly wrong. Fortunately, with the right tools, heart disease can be readily identified before onset of symptoms and is reversible. Cardiopulmonary...Click here for the complete article
what-is-energy-healing?Energy healing is a natural approach for releasing problems in four areas:  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It involves a combination of conversation, guidance, and gentle touch. Energy healing is a holistic approach, with the focus on the whole person. Before the session, the client explains what they desire to heal....Click here for the complete article
February 2015 by John Gingras, LPC
your-teenager-wants-you-to-know-thisI have had the opportunity and the privilege to work with hundreds of teenagers in over two decades in the field of mental health.  I routinely ask in my confidential meetings, “If I had a chance to get just one message from you across to your parents, what would you...Click here for the complete article
February 2015 by Peter Klainer, MD, FACS
wrinkle-reduction-without-downtime-or-surgeryReduce wrinkles and look years younger. There are over 50 muscles in the face and we use them to create different facial expressions. Over time wrinkles form as collagen breaks down in these areas of facial expression. One way to reduce wrinkles and stop this collagen break-down is to inject...Click here for the complete article

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