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Our Mission is to Make a Difference By Empowering and Encouraging People to Live Healthier. One of the best ways to do that is to go to the doctor when you have a health problem, and for regular check-ups. We provide educational health information to help you find the healthcare you need locally where you live.


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December 2015 by Karen Clarke-Bennett, DO
youthful-skin-with-microdermabrasionWe tend to forget that skin is the largest organ in the human body. But oftentimes, the vitamins and nutrients that replenish our skin are used up by other organs, which leaves dry skin vulnerable to wrinkles, sun damage, scars and blemishes. If you neglect your skin, you could wind up...Click here for the complete article
December 2015 by JoAnne Bernard, DDS
why-regular-dental-visits-are-importantRegular dental visits are important because they help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should have a regular dental visit at least every six months. There are two parts to a regular dental visit. One part is the check-up. The other is the cleaning. The Check-Up Your dental professional will check for...Click here for the complete article
December 2015 by Meghal R. Antani, MD
what-are-varicose-veins?If you’re over 40, you probably see them; those little purple veins that suddenly seem to appear on your legs. Veins return blood from the arms and legs to the heart. Because veins work against the force of gravity, they have valves that allow forward blood flow, but not reverse....Click here for the complete article
December 2015 by Jared Mallalieu, DO
varicose-vein-treatment-for-mommy-makeoverThe phrase “mommy makeover” summons images of tummy tucks, breast lifts and liposuction – cosmetic procedures to get that pre-baby body back. Did you know that pregnancy aggravates existing varicosities, and can actually cause development of varicose veins? It is estimated that up to 30% of women with one pregnancy,...Click here for the complete article
December 2015 by Yemi Famuyiwa, MD
treatment-for-male-infertilityIn some severe cases, no treatment is available for male infertility, but many times, treatment provides a cost-effective resolution to the problem that will allow the couple to achieve a pregnancy naturally. Several conditions, such as blocked ducts and varicoceles, can be treated surgically. Current research has found that replacement of...Click here for the complete article

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