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Our Mission is to Make a Difference By Empowering and Encouraging People to Live Healthier. One of the best ways to do that is to go to the doctor when you have a health problem, and for regular check-ups. We provide educational health information to help you find the healthcare you need locally where you live.


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August 2014 by Yemi Famuyiwa, MD
why-you-are-unable-to-conceive-part-1  Many couples who want to have a child are not able to do so. About 15% of couples in the United States are infertile. Couples may be infertile if they have not been able to conceive after 12 months of having sex without the use of birth control. If you and...Click here for the complete article
August 2014 by Mark Whitten, MD
what-would-you-say-after-cataract-surgery?What would your life be like after cataract surgery? What if you could see as well as you did as a child? Maybe even better? Today’s technology can actually help you become less dependent or even eliminate the need to wear eyeglasses, bifocals or reading glasses following your cataract surgery. Cataract...Click here for the complete article
August 2014 by Meghal R. Antani, MD
what-can-you-do-about-varicose-veins?Varicose veins – the most common vein disorder – are enlarged, twisted veins that are not moving blood effectively. Veins move blood from your body to your heart. When the one-way valves in your veins weaken, they may allow blood to flow backward and pool in your veins. Your veins...Click here for the complete article
August 2014 by Aneesh Singla, MD
treating-complex-regional-pain-syndromeComplex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a pain disorder that affects the musculoskeletal and nervous systems in one or more extremities. This condition almost universally follows trauma to the involved extremity - usually in the wrist, hand, ankle, or foot. Potential causes of this condition range from minor injuries, such...Click here for the complete article
the-three-phases-of-a-woman’s-life-a-chinese-medicine-perspectiveThe Chinese say a woman’s life cycle is measured in seven-year increments and a man’s in eight. While everyone ages, the shifts in life changes occur more dramatically in women. Acupuncture and herbs can bring great relief during these times of change. Menses – The Teenage Years At age 14, give or...Click here for the complete article

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