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Thousands of articles on how to manage YOUR Health with topics from dental hygiene and aesthetics to pain management and heart health. Everything from prevention to curative health, from traditional to alternative medicine, you will find the information you need to live healthier. Each of these health topics and articles are written by expert health professionals to help you understand your health concerns.

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Latest Articles

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

How Does Facial Aging Affect You? Facial aging is a combination of changes in skin texture, laxity/descent of soft tissues and loss of facial volume…. Continue Reading

Beautiful Joints Make Beautiful Smiles

Many people have TMJ disorders, suffering pain on a constant basis. This prevents them from leading a fulfilling and happy life. Let’s face it people,… Continue Reading

Why Does My Back Ache?

Question: In the last week, have you had any pain affecting your muscles, joints, neck, or back which has affected your ability to carry out… Continue Reading

Become Smoke-Free For Life

Did you know that filtered tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide (the stuff in your car’s exhaust), hydrocyanic acid (used in execution chambers), ammonia (the primary… Continue Reading

Maintain a Healthy Life: From the Eight Constitutions

There are differences in people’s body types depending on the different strengths of the five organs, which are the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney…. Continue Reading

Great Smiles At Any Age

Your smile is one of the first characteristics noticed by others and it is never too late to create a beautiful and balanced smile. A… Continue Reading

Your Life Is At Risk

We go through life and face all kinds of challenges and risks every day. Driving a car, getting on a plane, exposure to germs we… Continue Reading

Aging Gracefully: What You Can Do About It

While nothing beats having good genes, there are definitely steps you can take to avoid or slow down the ravages of time. First and foremost… Continue Reading

Advancements In Liposuction

As patients are always looking for the best ways to improve appearance, the industry is always looking for ways to deliver better results. Many patients… Continue Reading

When Will COVID End?

The short answer is more of a question. What does “end” mean? The fact is that to eradicate any virus from society requires comprehensive and… Continue Reading

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