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Beauty Skin Care & Gorgeous Smiles

Non-Surgically Contour and Shape Your Body

By Susan Heredia, Owner, Esthetician

Have you tried diet or exercise to try and get rid of stubborn body fat with no avail? Tried looking for other solutions? Using multi-polar ... Continue Reading

Bellafill – The 5 Year Filler

By Dima Ali, MD

Bellafill® (formerly known as Artefill) is an injectable wrinkle filler that provides long lasting wrinkle correction. The body absorbs other fillers and requires frequent repeat ... Continue Reading

A Quick and Easy Cure For Daily Skincare Struggles

By Supreet Sohi, LME

The workweek can take a toll on not only your schedule but your facial beauty as well. People are working more hours and in turn ... Continue Reading

Coolsculpting vs. Traditional Lipo Which One Is Right For You?

By Larry H. Lickstein, MD, FACS

The methods of removing unwanted, excess fat from the body have evolved over time. Thanks to liposuction, a plastic surgeon is able to reduce the ... Continue Reading

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Benefits Of Veneers

By Kouros Hedayati, DDS

First things first. Don’t be misled by the term “cosmetic dentistry”. It’s not about vanity and pursuing some unachievable level of perfection. Every day, cosmetic ... Continue Reading

Learn About the No Downtime Face and Neck Lift

By Mariam Alimi, Advanced Certified Laser Specialist

There is a new cutting-edge technology that is gaining attention of celebrities and the media. This technology is Ultherapy, which is microfocused ultrasound technology that ... Continue Reading

Liposuction: Does It Make You Skinny?

By Ayman R. Hakki, MD

The answer is yes, and best described in the words of Luxxery Medical Boutique plastic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki: “Liposuction makes you skinny. With 33 ... Continue Reading

Benefits Of Weight Loss Surgery

By Etwar McBean, MD, FACS

Many Americans struggle with their weight and its bad effects on health. The typical history is that of someone making several attempts to lose weight ... Continue Reading

The Bella Body Lift

By Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS

The Bella Body Lift was developed to meet the needs of individuals who desire a more contoured mid-section. This surgical procedure removes excess skin and ... Continue Reading

Say Goodbye To Your Razor Forever

By Victoria Oyesiku, Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Do you find yourself constantly shaving, tweezing or waxing to remove unwanted hair? Do pesky, in-grown hairs bother you? Would you like a more permanent ... Continue Reading
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