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Child Health and Safety

Keeping Our Children Safe

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

Here are eight things you can do to protect your children from getting injuries: Supervise children at all times and intervene when there is inappropriate ... Continue Reading

Caring For a Child Who Has Asthma

By Kensington Pharmacy

Asthma is a disease of your child’s lungs and the tubes that bring air to the lungs. With asthma, your child’s airways are constantly irritated ... Continue Reading

Childhood Poverty

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

It is estimated that one in five U.S. children lives in poverty, and poverty is an important determinant to a child’s overall health. Children being ... Continue Reading

Healthy Snacks For Your Children

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

March is National Nutrition Month. The specific nutritional choices you make as a family are crucial. Healthy nutrition is essential to good health and nutritional ... Continue Reading

Children’s Safety Comes In Many Colors

By Barbara-Jean Gill

As a parent or grandparent, the safety and well being of our children are most important. You purchase the best car seat possible and do ... Continue Reading

Help Children Develop Healthy Heart Habits

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

Parents and caregivers can help their child develop heart healthy habits early in life. They can encourage their children to evaluate their food choices and ... Continue Reading

Healthy Resolutions For Your Family

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

We all make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year; however it may be difficult to stick to our plans if we don’t have ... Continue Reading

Could Your Child Have Head Lice?

By Kensington Pharmacy

Head lice are tiny insects that live on people's scalp and crawl into their hair. Head lice feed on human blood by biting the scalp. ... Continue Reading

Children Need Cheerleaders Encouraging Our Children

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

Through encouragement and love a person can succeed and excel thereby building their self-esteem. By continuously encouraging our children and telling them “I see that ... Continue Reading

Back To School Tips For Parents

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

Ensuring a new school year gets off to a good start can influence children's attitude, confidence, and performance both socially and academically. This transition from ... Continue Reading
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