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Dental Health

Laser Dentistry: Why It’s Ideal For Pregnant Women and Diabetics

By Kris Popli, DDS

Dentists typically encourage patients to visit us once or twice a year for teeth cleanings. With biannual teeth cleanings, we can remove harmful plaque and ... Continue Reading

5 Signs You May Need To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

By Joseph M. Arzadon

Many people think that having your wisdom teeth removed is something that is basically required at some point in your life. This is not, however, ... Continue Reading

Drill-Free Solutions For Cavities

By Sheri Salartash, DDS, FAGD

Dental anxiety, which is common in children and adults, can be caused by negative dental experiences in the past, unpleasant noise from the drill along ... Continue Reading

Oh, My Aching Tooth – Can It Be Saved?

By Samuel Cho, DDS

Having healthy teeth is a blessing but why do people lose their teeth and experience pain? It can be due to many factors.  We will ... Continue Reading

Facial and Postural Asymmetry, TMJ Problems and Back Pain

By Maribel Vann, DDS

Patient History A female patient was seen for a routine dental examination. Upon examination, she reported a history of jaw pain and lower back pain. ... Continue Reading

Live With Bad Breath? No More!

By Richard A. Miller, DDS

Research has shown that chronic bad breath affects more than 65 million people in the United States alone. And, about half those numbers have the ... Continue Reading

Total Gum Health Creates a Long-Lasting Beautiful Smile

By YHM Administrator, MD

Hollywood stars know the power of a beautiful smile. Celebrities seem to have perfect teeth, but just like the rest of us, many of them ... Continue Reading

Loose Dentures? Missing Teeth? Dental Implants Can Help

By Deepa Suryanarayanan, DMD

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. The ... Continue Reading

Dental Techniques Enhance Smile and Increase Confidence

By Abiodun Adesanya, DDS, PC

From subtle changes to major repairs, your dentist can perform a variety of procedures to improve your smile. There are many techniques and options to ... Continue Reading

Never Struggle With Embarrassing Or Uncomfortable Dentures Again

By Tidewater Dental

All too often dentists hear the same thing from denture patients that come to their offices unhappy with their traditional denture. “My denture is uncomfortable” ... Continue Reading
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