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Family/Primary Care

Over-the-Counter Medicines and Drug Interactions

By Kensington Pharmacy

Every day, millions of Americans use over-the-counter medicines for relief from headache or arthritis pain, coughs and colds, flu, and upset stomach. These over-the-counter medicines ... Continue Reading

Norovirus, the “Stomach Bug”

By Michael Freedman

Norovirus (better known as the “stomach bug”) has been sweeping through Maryland. Countless cases of severe vomiting and diarrhea have taken down entire families, schools ... Continue Reading

Treating Infertility: Part One

By Yemi Famuyiwa, MD

Part One Many couples who want to have a child have not been able to do so. About 15% of couples in the United States ... Continue Reading

Free Yourself From Heartburn Pain

By Kensington Pharmacy

Heartburn happens when stomach acid flows backward, up into your esophagus. This backward flow is called reflux. You don’t need to suffer in silence. Ask ... Continue Reading

Why Primary Care Matters

By Tesfaye Tetemke, MD

Primary care can seem like an ambiguous term. What does it mean? How does it fit into today’s health care system? Why is it important? ... Continue Reading

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions For the Entire Family

By Dorris Glaspy, FNP-C

It is the beginning of a new year. It is a natural time to think about setting personal goals. For parents, the beginning of the ... Continue Reading

New Year, New You? Ten Steps That Really Work

By Michael Freedman

Got your New Year’s resolutions yet? New year, new you? *Cue the eye rolling* The biggest problem with plans for a new you? The old you. ... Continue Reading

Healthy Resolutions For Your Family

By Janet V. Johnson, MD

We all make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year; however it may be difficult to stick to our plans if we don’t have ... Continue Reading

Key To Anti-Aging Already Within You

By Nisha Patel, FNP-C

Your cells have always held the key secret to fighting the aging process, and science is just now unlocking the door on this revolutionary secret. ... Continue Reading

Detox From Lyme Disease

By Sherri Hudson, CT

All individuals with Lyme disease should detox. Peter Medawar, Nobel prizewinner in medicine, referred to viruses as “pieces of bad news wrapped in protein (biofilm).” ... Continue Reading