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Men's Health

Who Should Consider a Penile Implant?

By Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD

When it comes to successful treatment of erectile dysfunction, knowledge is power and it is important for patients to feel empowered. Male patients who visit their ... Continue Reading

The Holiday Season and Colds

By Kensington Pharmacy

Coming down with a cold during the holidays can turn your holiday season into drudgery. You catch a cold when a virus invades your nose ... Continue Reading

Slip and Fall Tips

By Paul Echavarria

Falls are the second leading cause of accidents in the home and account for 8.9 million trips to the emergency room every year. Fortunately, most ... Continue Reading

Loss Of Sex Drive In Older Men

By Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD

As men age they may notice their sex drive decreases. This is a totally normal phenomenon and should not be cause for concern unless there ... Continue Reading

Trauma Impact On Nervous System

By Lynn L. West, PhDc, BCETS, LCPC

Self-regulation is not a learned skill. It is a product of the interactions between the physiological co-regulation of the feelings of safety from and through ... Continue Reading
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