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Mental Health

Dry Eyes

By Benjamin Chun, MD

Dry eyes, or ocular surface disease, is a very common disease that is very misunderstood. The name itself can be confusing because many people who ... Continue Reading

How Does Hypnosis Improve My Decision Making?

By Jesse Harshbarger, BCHt, NLP

Different decisions within different contexts require us to have different qualities in a given context. How do you know whether to go right or go ... Continue Reading

Mental Health And Complementary and Alternative Medicine

By Anupama Kommu, PsyD

As our understanding of diseases has grown it has led to the realization that individuals vary in their response to treatment. This has led to ... Continue Reading

The Change Process From Thoughts To Results

By John Mays, MEd, CHT

Making changes in midlife is more than a lifestyle choice; it is a necessity. Children and young adults are in constant motion, constant evolution. This ... Continue Reading

Fighting Fair

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

All couples experience conflict. This is a normal and expected part of any relationship. While an occasional argument might be unavoidable and can even ultimately ... Continue Reading

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

By Eric Weinstein, CH, NLP

What makes you who you are, and what makes you feel, think, believe, and act as you do? How can you change what you don't ... Continue Reading

What Do You Think Of Yourself?

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

Self-esteem is the extent to which we like and respect ourselves. This depends largely upon how we envision ourselves in our own mind's eye; how ... Continue Reading

Applying Neuroscience Polyvagal Theory

By Lynn L. West, PhDc, BCETS, LCPC

Buzzy is eight-years old, very intelligent, an unusually quick thinker, exceptionally coordinated in sports, and so seriously competitive with everyone that he has interpersonal problems ... Continue Reading

Celebrate Health and Wellness

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

10 Tips For Achieving Health Mentally, Physically and Emotionally In 2017 Everyone looks to the new year as a new beginning. It is an amazing ... Continue Reading

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy A Therapy That Works

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

Do you struggle from the “common colds” of mental health depression, anxiety, worry, sadness, or unexplained fatigue? Have you tried traditional counseling or therapy, but ... Continue Reading
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