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Mental Health

Does Therapy Work?

By Carla Messenger, PhD

People often say that they have tried therapy in the past without experiencing success or satisfaction. People leave therapy before they're emotionally stable and healthy ... Continue Reading

When Is the Right Time To Get Counseling?

By Shelby L. Brownlee, MA, LPC

Sometimes clients say that they have been debating for a long while whether or not to seek mental health counseling. They might be feeling uncertain ... Continue Reading

The Path To Teen Freedom Choice, Responsibility, and Trust

By Grant Schafer, LCSW

It is human nature to seek help only when in need. Parents typically do not call a therapist to brag about how great their family ... Continue Reading

Stress The Silent Killer

By Mary Egan, CLC, CHN

Those wonderful lazy days of summer and relaxing vacations are over and it's back to the grind of school, work and increasing responsibilities. The stress ... Continue Reading

A Little More Help, Please

By Sally DiCesare, RDH, CWC, CST

The last article talked about sitting back and resting your head in your hands to help rebalance your central nervous system, using a tennis ball ... Continue Reading

Back To School Fears How Much Is Too Much?

By Sharon Hamilton, LPC

Here we are again, the days of sleeping in and swimming pools are behind us and it’s time for kids to get back into the ... Continue Reading

Does Your Son Know the Routine By Now?

By Grant Schafer, LCSW

When you receive that blank stare of expression/eye-roll/shrug, etc. from your son, it probably has a good deal of emotion wrapped up in it. You ... Continue Reading

Emotionally Healthy Teen Boys and Anxiety

By Grant Schafer, LCSW

The word anxious is frequently used to describe teenage boys, but what is anxiety anyway? The Storm Having to deal with multiple classes, time management, ... Continue Reading

Courting the Pain Behind the Masks We Wear

By Loudoun Family Therapy

The hardest part of struggling with depression, anxiety, or relationship issues is asking for help. Instead, we create masks to hide the pain we feel ... Continue Reading

Effectiveness Of Couples Counseling

By Sherry Hoover, MA, LPC

Why Do We Need Couples Counseling? Couples counseling, relationship or marriage therapy, whatever you want to call it, can be effective in our modern lives. ... Continue Reading
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