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Mental Health

Improving Communication And Conflict Resolution

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

Nobody gets married with the idea that they will one day be getting a divorce. Divorce isn't something that anyone looks forward to and it ... Continue Reading

4 Strategies To Increase Social Skills In Children On the Autism Spectrum

By Loudoun Family Therapy

The very nature of Asperger’s Syndrome requires some interventions around social skill development. This may however prove difficult given the lack of flexible thinking, limited ... Continue Reading

Anxiety In Children

By Danielle Rosnov-Castelar, PhD, LLC

Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric issues in children. It is normal, of course, for children to experience anxiety from time to time. ... Continue Reading

Have You Had a Mental Health Checkup?

By Carla Messenger, PhD

Health professionals and the media have recently given attention to the benefits of primary care. Wellness checkups have become recommended to monitor the status of ... Continue Reading

Healthy Choices Set Good Examples

By Luanne Barnas, owner

When it comes to feeding their children, parents certainly have the best intentions. But many have busy lifestyles that don't always allow enough time for ... Continue Reading

Healthy Boundaries In Intimate Relationships

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

Successful intimate relationships are composed of two people who each have a clearly defined sense of their own identity. Without our own understanding of self, ... Continue Reading

The Link Between Falls and Neurological Disorders

By Simon Fishman, MD

Each year, one in every three adults age 65 and older are injured from falling down, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and ... Continue Reading

Trauma Disrupts Behavioral Functions

By Lynn L. West, PhDc, BCETS, LCPC

Understanding the role of biochemistry in human behavior is critical in treating individuals affected by trauma response. Studies of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children ... Continue Reading

Psychotherapy Helps People Manage Their Lives Better

By Kathi Whitten, LCSW

People come to therapy because they are having some kind of difficulty getting their life needs met or are having interpersonal difficulties. This can be ... Continue Reading

Vacation Season Smooth Sailing Or Shipwreck?

By Joan Pickett, LPC

When planning for a vacation Are you and your spouse in a “marriage drought” and dreading being confined together? Are you overwhelmed with the idea ... Continue Reading
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