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Mental Health

Children Learn What They Live

By Lynn L. West, PhDc, BCETS, LCPC

Behavior in children reflects the environment they live in and what they learn from the significant people in their lives. If a child lives with ... Continue Reading

Runaway Mind It's Not All In Your Head

By Wanda Butler

The world we live in seems to demand more from us than we have to give. From the time the alarm rings, many of us ... Continue Reading

The Many Benefits of Yoga

By Sara Poldmae, LAc

Yoga is a moving form of meditation where practitioners and students link asanas, or poses, with the breath. It originated in India and has been ... Continue Reading

Considering Acupuncture?

By Tracy Soltesz, LAc, MAc

With specialization of medical practitioners and the segmenting of symptoms by insurance companies' requirements for diagnostic codes, our culture has forgotten that medicine, in any ... Continue Reading

New Technologies In Dentistry

By M. S. Warshanna, DMD

Part 3 Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers Because lasers use steady and concentrated light to remove unhealthy tooth structure, they have several advantages over the ... Continue Reading

Background Checks To Curb Liability

By Gary Alexander, Senior Attorney

The rise of negligent hiring lawsuits; the large amounts of false information on the resumes of prospective employees; the heightened scrutiny of corporate directors, officers ... Continue Reading

Restore Natural Healing

By Kimberly Aspelin, RN

When I was a child my grandmother would say “Go spend time in nature and find your balance.” As a child I thought this meant ... Continue Reading

Cold Laser Therapy

By Sherri Beauchamp, DC, CCSP

Whatever happened to those flying cars back in the 1950s? Or those ray guns that would make rifles obsolete? Or that whirring thing Dr. McCoy ... Continue Reading

Healing Touch

By Holly Dunbar, CMT, RH (AGH)

Have you ever made statements like, “Im beside myself,” “I feel out of sorts,” or “Im feeling off-center”? These are actually clues as to what ... Continue Reading

Age-Related Eye Disease and Vitamins

By Omar Ahmad, MD

Many treatment options for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are in the experimental stage. The dry type of AMD, in which there is no bleeding under ... Continue Reading
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