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Mental Health

Plantar Fasciitis

By Raneika Bean, MPT

Do you have severe heel pain in the morning with your first few steps after getting out of bed? If so, you may have a ... Continue Reading

Heart Health

By Toni Greene, Owner

How to heal the heart? Love will heal the heart. The heart is the fourth energy center of the human body. The human body has ... Continue Reading

Bad Breath

By Alvin Lee, DDS

Bad breath (also known as halitosis) is breath containing an unpleasant odor. This odor can strike periodically or be persistent, depending on the cause. In ... Continue Reading

Diabetes and Feet Health Part 1 General Diabetes Facts & Information

By Burton J. Katzen, DPM

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that affects over 16 million people in this country. Individuals with diabetes are prone to many complications, the most ... Continue Reading

Autonomic Nervous System Instability

By Lynn L. West, PhDc, BCETS, LCPC

Children and adults who live in environments with a significant amount of stress in their lives often present with multiple signs of autonomic nervous system ... Continue Reading

Achieve a Healthy Weight

By Nancy J. Miller-Ihli, PhD

How do you achieve and maintain a healthy weight? Make a lifestyle change! Dont waste your time with a diet because diets simply dont work. ... Continue Reading

The Roles of Vitamin D In Our Health

By Alan S. Weiss, MD

Vitamin D has been getting a lot of press lately. For a long time this important nutrient was mostly associated with bone health and calcium, ... Continue Reading

Keeping Safe In 2009

By Tommy Lee, owner

Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully your New Years Eve was safe and without incident. It is important to be prepared to avoid becoming a ... Continue Reading

Low Back Pain

By Corey Malnikof, DC

I.N. Pay Attention Inside Now. If you have waited until you have back pain, then what you have done is let something inside brew over ... Continue Reading

Tired Of Reading Glasses?

By Nisha R. Patel, MD

Many of you had to reach for your readings glasses before reading this article. If you are in your early to mid forties, you may ... Continue Reading
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