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Mental Health

Contingent Staffing

By Gary Alexander, Senior Attorney

Over the past two decades, the use of temporary workers has tripled. Companies large and small benefit from the use of these workers, also referred ... Continue Reading

Emotional Spring Cleaning

By Mary Baker, LCPC

So are you still spring cleaning? It feels great to clean, organize and start fresh. How about the emotional spring cleaning we all need to ... Continue Reading

Flashes and Floaters

By Omar Ahmad, MD

Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) is a common condition which occurs in about 75% of people over the age of 65. As people get older the ... Continue Reading

New Intraoccular Lens Options

By David M. Benderson, MD

The lens is a structure behind the iris that helps to focus light properly, much like the lens of a camera. A cataract is a ... Continue Reading

Overweight and Metabolic Syndrome

By James C. Boyd, MD

Are you overweight? Is your waist size 40 or greater if you're a male and 35 or greater if you're a female? You may have ... Continue Reading

Chiropractic Adjustments

By Karen McDermott, DC

Do you have burning and tingling in your hands and feet? Does pain in your shoulders and hips cause you to alter activities of your ... Continue Reading

Dental Work Made In China

By Michael S Saoud, DMD

Many of you may have heard the recent stories about dental work made in China. These stories have been filling the airways of national television ... Continue Reading

Botox and Fillers, When and Why?

By Don J. Fontana, MD, PA

Nearly eleven million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States in 2006, a 7% increase from 2005 according to the American Society of Plastic ... Continue Reading

Lymphedema and Breast Cancer

By Mimi Quade, owner

In an earlier edition of Your HealthMagazine a 4-question self-quiz on a topic vital to every woman with breast cancer was presented lymphedema. This article ... Continue Reading


By Steven M. Katz, PA

It is most unfortunate, but some individuals cannot throw anything away, especially when it comes to paper. This includes old newspapers, magazines, junk mail, empty ... Continue Reading
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