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Mental Health

Worker's Compensation Injury In the Home

By Gary Alexander, Senior Attorney

Businesses that allow employees to work at home may be subject to workers compensation claims if their employee gets injured at home. In Maryland, in ... Continue Reading

A More Gentle Approach

By Bruce Auslander, DDS

While any dentist would be happy with a patient who is dedicated to regular brushing and flossing, there is such a thing as being too ... Continue Reading

The Liquid Facelift

By Elba M. Pacheco, MD

Cosmetic options have undergone a paradigm shift in the treatment of facial aging with a new emphasis being placed on prevention and less invasive approaches. ... Continue Reading

Hospice Care

By Nicole Livingston, Attorney

Hospice care is a team-oriented approach to medical care, designed to enhance the quality of life as it nears its end. It is designed to ... Continue Reading

Relief For Severe Neck and Back Pain

By John R. Greensfelder, DC

Did you know that spinal bones are separated by discs?Did you know that long-term compression can cause discs to bulge, herniated, or tear?Did you know ... Continue Reading

The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco

By M. S. Warshanna, DMD

Smokeless tobacco users are at high risk of developing the following Cancer of the mouth, tongue, and pharynx (voice box) Leukoplakia (thickened, whitish oral lesions ... Continue Reading

Cataract Surgery In the ASC

By Donald C. Bartnick, CMPE, CEO

Mary anxiously enters Dr. Wrights office. Dr. Wright is Marys ophthalmologist. Mary is concerned with why her vision has deteriorated. Shes having difficulty seeing her ... Continue Reading


By Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC

Testosterone is often tested because the patient talks of low libido. Declining testosterone levels are the number one cause of low libido in males, and ... Continue Reading

Become a Person of High Integrity

By Toni Greene, Owner

Integrity is defined as a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values, it is synonymous with honesty. Integrity is something that ... Continue Reading

Is Gum Disease Sabotaging Your Smile?

By Tiffanie C. Winfrey, DDS

If youre not using your toothbrush and dental floss as often as you should, then you could be sabotaging your smile. To keep it looking ... Continue Reading
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