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Mental Health

Be a Wise Dental Consumer

By Alvin Lee, DDS

With the wide array of dental care products available, you may feel overwhelmed as you walk down the aisle of your drugstore or supermarket. Here ... Continue Reading

Successful Weight Loss

By Nancy J. Miller-Ihli, PhD

As a former national program leader for nutrition for the US Department of Agriculture I am all too familiar with the challenges of the obesity ... Continue Reading

What Is Temporomandibular Disorder?

By M. S. Warshanna, DMD

Temporomandibular disorder, known as TMD, is a cycle of pain, muscle spasms, and joint imbalance where the jaw meets the skull. The lower jaw meets ... Continue Reading

Sneak Greens Into Your Diet

By Cheryl Smith, RN

Spinach in brownies, sweet potatoes in grilled cheese sandwiches, and avocado in chocolate pudding? According to Jessica Seinfeld, wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, these are ... Continue Reading

Beneficiary Designations

By Colleen Sinclair Prosser, Attorney

More and more of us recognize the need for careful, methodical estate planning. We prepare our wills and trusts. We labor over who should be ... Continue Reading

Diabetic Eye Disease

By Omar Ahmad, MD

Diabetic eye disease encompasses all eye problems that people with diabetes may face as a complication of diabetes. These can cause severe vision loss. They ... Continue Reading

Preventing Tooth Decay

By Michael S Saoud, DMD

Two of the best ways to prevent dental problems for children and adults is through the use of fluoride and sealants. When incorporated with regular ... Continue Reading

Hearing Devices

By Stacey Samuels-Cole, AuD

You are not alone, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Barbra Streisand, singing icon, movie star and political activist, and actor, William Shatner are among the ... Continue Reading

A Flatter Tummy

By Ayman R. Hakki, MD

The rectus abdominus is the muscle of the mid stomach that holds it all in. This muscle gets bumps and is often referred to as ... Continue Reading

Eye Examinations For Your Child

By Scott Burge, OD

Should my child have an eye examination at the beginning of the school year? Well, the answer from the doctors at Eye Associates is; absolutely ... Continue Reading
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