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Pain Management & Rehabilitation

Shoulder Pain

By Mahsa Tehrani, MD

Shoulder pain is a common musculoskeletal complaint, which could be due to injuries, acute or chronic inflammation of the shoulder joint, tendons, surrounding ligaments. Sports ... Continue Reading

PTs Want To Help You Meet Your Health Goals

By Judith E. Cooper, MPT, DPT

Celebrating the beginning of a new year has become synonymous with establishing resolutions for the 12 months ahead. Marking the new year with a list ... Continue Reading

Ketamine Infusions For Depression

By Christopher Sendi, MD

As the days get shorter, many people suffer from low mood and even clinical depression as long nights and no sunlight rewire their internal clocks. ... Continue Reading

Ketamine Treatment For PTSD and Depression

By Christopher Sendi, MD

Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and PTSD affect millions of people in the United States, many of whom are treated with traditional medications that may take ... Continue Reading

Knee Joint Pain

By Mahsa Tehrani, MD

Do you suffer from chronic knee pain? Degenerative arthritis of the knees unfortunately is a very common and growing condition. As the knee cartilage grows ... Continue Reading

SI Joint Pain and Treatment Options

By Mudit Sharma, MD

The sacroiliac joint (also known as the SI joint) is a strong weight bearing joint in the pelvis. There are two in total, one on ... Continue Reading

Can Electrical Stimulation Help My Pain?

By Deeni Bassam, MD, DABPM

The end result of many disease processes, ranging from diabetic neuropathy to nerve damage after back surgery, is pain. In some cases, this pain can ... Continue Reading

Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression

By David Akinpelu, MD, FAC

If you suffer from: •    Herniated or bulging disc •    Degenerative disc disease •    Posterior facet syndrome •    Sciatica •    ... Continue Reading

Benefits Of Cryotherapy

By Anthony T. Hardnett, DC

Cryotherapy is the use of cold temperatures to promote the body’s natural healing and wellness. Its use dates back to ancient civilizations and has long ... Continue Reading

PRP Injections Treat a Variety Of Pain

By Madhavi Chada, MD

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of plasma that has higher amount of growth factors. It is used to help regenerate soft tissue and healing. ... Continue Reading