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Senior Health

Communications Solutions

By Maryland Relay/ Telecommunications Access of MD

Having hearing loss doesn’t mean you have to struggle to understand what is being said on the telephone. Maryland Relay offers solutions for individuals who ... Continue Reading

There Is Hope For Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Prevention and Reduction

By Connie Hambrock, PhD

Recently many strides have been made to help those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which is part of the dementia diagnosis. Although there are many ... Continue Reading

Common Home Selling Questions Answered

By Jennifer Wong, Owner, Principal Broker

Are you at the stage where you’re starting to begin thinking that it is time to downsize your home and move into a more manageable ... Continue Reading

Seniors: Selling Your Home What You Should Know

By Jennifer Wong, Owner, Principal Broker

One of the most frequent questions seniors ask is what they should know about selling their home. Below we are going to share with you ... Continue Reading

Cultivating Experiences For the Experienced

By Hayley Corbett

In the next 20 years, millions of Baby Boomers will be 80 or older, pondering their next moves. For some, the obvious next step will ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Steps To Get Started On Downsizing

By Jennifer Wong, Owner, Principal Broker

With the new year upon us it’s a time where we reflect on the year past and make goals for the future. For seniors, one ... Continue Reading

Maryland Relay: Is a Speech Disability Keeping You Or a Loved One From Using the Telephone?

By Maryland Relay/ Telecommunications Access of MD

Millions of Americans live with some form of speech disability, including difficulties pronouncing sounds, articulation disorders, and stuttering. Having a speech disability does not mean ... Continue Reading

The Role PTSD Can Play In Grief

By Amy Stapleton, MS, LCPC, NBCC

Grief is not pathological, an illness, or problem to be solved. We grieve because we love. And grief can certainly be disorientating and traumatic. Loss ... Continue Reading

Options For Senior America Among Top 1% of All Home Care Companies in the U.S. and Canada

By Ramzi Rihani, President and CEO

The Charles county-based Options For Senior America, located in La Plata, MD, has been presented with the 2018 Best of In Home Care award by ... Continue Reading

Nutrition For Senior Family Members

By Jennifer Agyeman, RN

Good senior nutrition is important to healthy aging. Helping your loved ones maintain good nutrition with tasty meals that fit their specific health needs is critical. Every 5 years, the ... Continue Reading
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