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Senior Health

7 Habits For Better Bone Health

By Susan Brady, MPT

Did you know that women around the world are developing osteoporosis at younger and younger ages? Once observed primarily in postmenopausal women, an increasing number of ... Continue Reading

Your Senior Parents’ Health Care

By University Of Maryland Community Medical Group

Oftentimes as we get older, we end up having to take care of the people who have always cared for us. Becoming the caregiver to ... Continue Reading

Senior Care Benefits Of Selling Your Family Home

By Jennifer Wong

Selling your home is a big decision and one that requires careful thought and consideration, especially if you’ve lived there for a long time. However, ... Continue Reading

Get a Grip On Osteoporosis: Your Grip Strength May Provide Clues To Your Overall Health

By Susan Brady, MPT

Through your day, you rely on the grip strength of your hands to perform just about every action.  Although it is easy to take the ... Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Stay Lean As You Age

By Susan Brady, MPT

Striving to keep our body healthy as we age can be a challenge.  One of the toughest challenges is maintaining a healthy body composition, or ... Continue Reading

Is Home Care the Right Choice For Your Loved One?

By Interim HealthCare

Deciding if caring for an aging loved one at home is the best decision can be easier if you do your homework. Home care can ... Continue Reading

Summer Vacations and Aging Loved Ones

By Bob Brueckman, Owner

The summer months are abundant with sunshine, warm weather, time spent in the great outdoors, and for many, additional family time and long-awaited family vacations ... Continue Reading

Mom Or Dad Back In the Hospital Again?

By Bob Brueckman, Owner

Medicare data shows that nearly one in five patients who leave the hospital are readmitted within the next month and that more than 75% of ... Continue Reading

Aging and Disability

By Scott B. Elkind, Esq.

You only grow old, not the other way around. With age comes wisdom along with wrinkles, lost muscle tone, arthritis, and other ever more unwanted ... Continue Reading

Planning Vacations With Your Aging Loved One

By Bob Brueckman, Owner

As we get closer and closer to spring breaks and summer vacation season, many children and other family members of aging loved ones may be ... Continue Reading