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Minimally Invasive Vein Procedures

By Meghal R. Antani, MD

For many years, surgery was the only treatment available for many conditions. Today, minimally invasive procedures using X-rays, ultrasound, and other imaging guidance are often ... Continue Reading

Medication Assisted Treatment For Opioid Addiction

By Sarah Merritt, MD

By Kevin Coughlin, PhD Transformed Lives MD Addiction has been defined by the Surgeon General as the most severe form of substance use disorder, associated ... Continue Reading

What Can You Do About Varicose Veins?

By Meghal R. Antani, MD

Varicose veins – the most common vein disorder – are enlarged, twisted veins that do not move blood effectively. When the one-way valves in your ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Steps To Get Started On Downsizing

By Jennifer Wong, Owner, Principal Broker

With the new year upon us it’s a time where we reflect on the year past and make goals for the future. For seniors, one ... Continue Reading

Plastic Surgery For Men

By Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS

Tired of the “keg” around your stomach? Wish you had “six-pack” abs? Do you work out and stick to a healthy diet, and yet still ... Continue Reading

Brain Health and Inflammation

By Robin P. Cohl, DC

The incidence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the U.S. is approximately four million cases a year. The first line of evaluation in the clinical ... Continue Reading

Breathe Better, Feel Better

By Cheryl Pace, Licensed Massage Therapist

Have you ever tried to hold your breath until you passed out? It’s not impossible but chances are that your natural instinct to breathe will ... Continue Reading

Happy New Year

By Toni Greene, Owner

2020 Wow!!!!! I am so happy we are here in this New Year together. Some people were called to leave their physical bodies, but not ... Continue Reading

How Muscle Imbalances Lead To Pain and Injury

By Thomas Jordan, RMP

A muscle imbalance is simply when one muscle or muscle group is stronger than another. For example, your right arm may be stronger than your ... Continue Reading

Varicose Veins and Treatment Options

By Meghal R. Antani, MD

Varicose veins are those dilated, bulging veins close to the skin surface that affect up to 25% of women and 15% of men. Advancing age ... Continue Reading
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