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Men's Health

Treatment For Male Infertility

By Yemi Famuyiwa, MD

In some severe cases, no treatment is available for male infertility, but many times, treatment provides a cost-effective resolution to the problem that will allow ... Continue Reading

7 Minute Office Vasectomy: No Pain, No Fuss, Save Money

By Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD

Vasectomies are the most effective form of sterilization. A vasectomy is a common surgical procedure whereby the vas deferens – the tubes that carry sperm ... Continue Reading

Stress Management

By Shelia Ramsey-Caldwell

Stress is a physiological response in our bodies that prepare us for fight or flight. When our bodies perceive a threat or a demand, it ... Continue Reading

How Men Think About Skin Treatment

By Luise Estelle, Business Manager

Men who might have scoffed at the idea of any cosmetic procedures just a decade ago are now receiving treatments in record numbers. So what ... Continue Reading
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