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DeBritt Ealey, LAc
Chronic Congestion
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Chronic Congestion

Most of us do not like to get the sinus congestion and drainage associated with the common cold. Imagine what it would be like to experience those symptoms everyday. This is the reality for 30 to 40 million people in the United States that live with chronic congestion on a daily basis. Chronic congestion is one of the most frequently reported conditions and it is miserable, making it difficult to breathe every day, all year around.

If sinus congestion lasts for just a few days to a week or so, then it is most likely due to a cold or flu. However, if it lasts more than a few weeks or is recurring, other factors could be involved such as allergies, an upper respiratory infection, a fungus or structural issues. If symptoms persist, you should consult a health care professional.

Treatments available can include over-the-counter medication, avoidance of items contributing to the symptoms, sinus flushes or rinses, nutritional support or in very severe cases, even surgery.

The majority of people who suffer from chronic sinus symptoms notice that there are specific times during he course of the year when their symptoms get worse. They may experience congestion year-round but their symptoms may increase in the spring or fall, indicating that they may be reacting to exposure to spring and fall pollens.

Many people notice that their congestion gets worse when they are around animals or if they are in dusty or moldy environments. Still others notice that they are worse when they eat their favorite foods like dairy products, wheat or sugar or when they consume their favorite beverages like wine or beer.

These are very important clues as to what can be contributing to the congestion symptoms. Remember to take note on any items or substances that can make the congestion worse as they will most likely be triggers for the sinus congestion.

Here are some basic guidelines for good sinus health

Drink plenty of water. Good hydration can thin secretions allowing better sinus drainage.

Get plenty of sleep. Good sleep habits support the body by allowing the body to rest and regenerate.

Try sinus flushes or irrigation. This can help promote sinus drainage and often provide temporary relief.

Try to avoid exposure to smoke as it can damage the cells lining the sinuses.

Get plenty of exercise. Regular exercise can help boost the immune system and promote sinus drainage.

Be aware of what may be exacerbating your symptoms so you will know what your triggers are and can avoid them.

These can help, and by working with a trained and experienced health professional, you can team up to beat your congestion problems.

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