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Soheila Rostami, MD
Facelift Options: Non-Surgical vs. Surgical
Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
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Facelift Options: Non-Surgical vs. Surgical

We are so fortunate to live in a day and age where anyone wishing for a facelift has many options. If you look at the spectrum of available procedures, moving from non-surgical to surgical, it would look something like this: at the lesser end there is the liquid facelift, followed by laser facial contouring, then lower mini facelift, and finally the traditional facelift.

Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift utilizes hyaluronic acid and/or calcium-based dermal fillers, and neuro-toxins (Botox®, Dysport®) all administered at the same visit for full correction of lines, wrinkles, folds and creases. Liquid facelifts can correct crows’ feet, forehead wrinkles, hollows under the eyes, and give volume to cheekbones and plump up those dreaded “parentheses” (technically termed naso-labial folds).

The effects are immediate and can last up to a year, although the neurotoxins typically need to be reinjected every three to four months.When considering this procedure, it is critical to have the injections done by a doctor who has extensive experience in administering the proper fillers in the most beneficial areas.

The doctor should take into consideration each individual’s unique facial features and musculature. This achieves the most natural look without the over-done results that can happen when an inexperienced or overzealous injector performs the procedure.

Laser Facial Contouring

If you aren’t ready for a mini facelift, but would like to just have your jowls and neck area contoured and freshened, the latest procedure is the PrecisionTx®. It is perfect for patients who hate their double chin and beginning appearance of sagging along the jaw line. My patients love this procedure because it is minimally invasive – just three tiny openings at the base of the ears and one under the chin.

It takes minimal time to recover; bruising and swelling are very mild and easily dealt with; and the results, while not the same as a surgical result, are quite impressive. The price is also much less than a lower mini facelift, and the improvement continues up to six months while your own collagen builds.

Lower Mini Facelift

This surgical procedure is performed on an individual who has a tired, saggy appearance of the face and jaw caused by the stretching of the suspension ligaments due to aging. The normal fatty deposits under the skin can also begin to sag, resulting in jowls and/or a double chin. The lower mini facelift is aimed at tightening the lower third of the face and jaw, giving the face the youthful, healthy looking appearance that it once had.

A mini lift has a low risk of complications, decreased cost and in most cases, a much shorter recovery time than a traditional one. The procedure can be done in the office under local anesthetic injections, making it quite safe to undergo. The incisions are in front of and behind the ears. Bruising and swelling are expected and can last about two weeks.

I like to also add the PrecisionTx laser for even more tightening, lifting, and collagen production. Facelifts alone cannot add back lost volume, so I often will also inject dermal fillers and/or neurotoxins to enhance and maximize the results of your surgery.

Traditional Facelift

When it comes to a surgical facelift, less is often more. A mini facelift is more conservative than a traditional facelift, which can be associated with increased anesthesia levels and prolonged recovery and swelling.

Finding the best procedure for you is as simple as scheduling a consultation with your plastic surgeon. You should look for someone who specializes in the face, ideally a surgeon who is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

With so many options available to freshen your appearance, it’s time to stop thinking about it and just do it! You will be happy you did.

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