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Four Peels For Common Skin Problems
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Four Peels For Common Skin Problems

While Chemical Peels sound like a skin lab experiment gone wrong, in the world of facial rejuvenation chemical peels can help brighten and freshen the skin in a fairly quick and painless procedure. Most often peels are used to treat sun-damaged skin with mild wrinkling, uneven skin tone and acne scar pigmentation. Peels are safe to use around the face, neck, chest, back, arms and hands. Chemical peels can also be used for patients dealing with Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, for example those that have skin darkening from an injury or certain skin disorders.

The way the chemical peels help improve the skin tone is by penetrating the skin's layers and breaking up the bonds in the skin, which causes the damaged layers to peel and flake off of the skin. Typically, those loosened layers are home to the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) that cause discoloration of the skin.

Once the peeling process begins, moisturizing the skin and applying adequate sunscreen is the key to promote healing of the skin. Many times the results of the peel can be seen within 7-10 days after doing the peel.

Mild Wrinkles

A high strength VIPeel has a combination of acids including Phenol, Trichloracetic, Salycilic, Retnoic and Vitamin C which will tighten the skin and improve mild photo damage and melasma.

Got Acne?

The Vitalize Peel, which is a mild peel that includes (Salycilic, Rescorinol and Retnoic Acid.)

Got Dark Spots (Acne Scars)
Or Melasma?

Either the ViPeel or Vitalize Peel is a great option for addressing pigmentation issues on the skin in conjunction with a skin brightener or lightener product such as Vitamin C or Hydroquinoine.

Dull Skin

Glycolic Acids are great to give the skin a nice glow and fresh appearance in conjunction with Peptides and creams that contain growth factors.

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