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Gosia Habib, Medical Laser Technician
How Much Do You Know About Parabens? Be Part Of the Debate
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How Much Do You Know About Parabens? Be Part Of the Debate

In recent years there has been some talk about parabens, and how they may be linked to serious health problems from cancer to
damaging organs.

Many of you are not aware that parabens are natural and are found primarily in plants including food we consume daily, both uncooked and unprocessed. They are commonly used as preservatives, and are naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables we eat every day.

You cannot avoid them, especially if you follow a healthy diet. A good example is daily consumption of barely, strawberries, vanilla, carrots, and onions. If you are eating these types of foods then you are consuming plenty of parabens.

There is no scientific evidence that daily exposure to parabens does us any harm. There is some concern that they may play a role in some cancers, and that they mimic estrogen so consuming too much might have some health risks. However, parabens in foods are metabolized when eaten.

Parabens are also found in most cosmetics, like make-up and other skin care products. When applied to the skin, they could enter the body through the skin, but in such small amounts that it is not considered significant.

An allergic reaction to parabens is extremely rare. It is important to stress that this article is strictly referring to medical grade products that are only available from medical spas and doctor's offices. One of the things that may makes them better than over-the-counter products is they are usually fragrance free in addition to being highly concentrated in antioxidants, vitamins and vitamin A formulas.

Should you avoid parabens? Despite the current media and internet frenzy surrounding parabens the published research and global cosmetic regulatory organizations are making the facts clear. Parabens, in small amounts when used in personal-care products, have not been shown to pose significant health risks.

The bottom line is that parabens are naturally occurring chemicals. Many natural skin care brands claim that parabens are dangerous when in fact parabens are naturally found in fruits and vegetables and have been exhaustively studied.

Foods such as soy, flax, cherries, blueberries, carrots and cucumbers actually contain more parabens that the amounts found in most skin care products and are not harmful.

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