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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
Mommy Makeover
Don Fontana, MD
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Mommy Makeover

When your children begin to address you as Mom or Mother rather than “Mommy,” the time may be near to consider doing something for yourself. The reality of motherhood is not just the pregnancies, childbearing, nursing and sleepless nights, but the fact that child care is tougher than any job a male might consider. And it doesn’t let up until your child leaves for college or moves out. For women who need to combine motherhood with a second job, it is even more difficult.

The toll of pregnancy and nursing on a woman’s body and psyche are significant. Even the most conscientious woman generally will add an additional 10 pounds of weight with each pregnancy and rarely return to their original pre-pregnancy weight. Prudent dieting and exercise can make a significant difference in returning to a more normal appearance. A single pregnancy with careful prenatal attention to weight can make a huge difference in a woman’s recovery and
appearance. After multiple pregnancies, changes in body shape and weight often cannot be corrected with diet and exercise. It is at this time when a woman may seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

The abdominal area and breasts are the two most common concerns following pregnancy. Exercise and diet cannot reverse the sagging and stretching of the breast and abdominal skin. The abdominal muscle wall is also stretched to the degree that abdominal exercises have little effect in tightening them.

In addition, most women notice a discernible change in the texture and quality of the facial skin. Frequently small spider veins arise near the side of the nose and in the cheeks. Fine wrinkling is often seen in the lower eyelids.

The notion of a mommy makeover is gaining popularity among women of all ages. Once a woman has decided that childbearing is over, makeover can be considered.

Studies have clearly shown both the psychological and physical benefits of cosmetic surgery in improving a person’s body image and self-esteem. What better justification for a cosmetic procedure than to reverse or reduce the toll of pregnancy than to consider a simple non-invasive procedure or body contouring surgery. Simple procedures to fill deep wrinkles and refresh dry blotchy facial skin are easy and quick.

Laser treatment of spider veins, pigmentation areas of the face are very effective and lasting. Surgical procedures such as a breast augmentation and tummy tuck are more involved, but the results are lasting. Since so many procedures are less invasive, a mommy makeover can be performed with little or no down time.

Consider an evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon. It will be a very refreshing and exciting experience.

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