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Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift
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Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift

There is a new cutting-edge technology that is gaining attention of celebrities and the media.  This technology is Ultherapy®, which is microfocused ultrasound technology that combines ultrasound imaging with acoustic energy to visualize tissue under the skin and deliver precise energy at the right depth.

The device is FDA-approved for lifting and tightening the skin on the face and neck.  Celebrities such as Christie Brinkley, Jennifer Aniston and Kathie Lee Gifford have admitted to having the treatment and seeing excellent results.

The energy that Ultherapy delivers is directed to the tissue areas that need lifting, firming and tightening.  As we age our faces begin to sag, the jawline begins to lose definition and wrinkles appear.  There are risk factors that contribute to the acceleration of aging such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, genetics and an unhealthy diet.  Until recently the only approach to lift the skin was a surgical facelift.  However, Ultherapy is a great alternative for those that want lifting of the face and neck without surgery.

One can achieve a natural looking face-lift and neck lift results.  Ultherapy causes contraction of the skin, and new collagen forms in the area.

This therapy can:

• Lift the skin on the neck and under the chin

• Lift and tighten the jaw line

• Lift the brows and tighten the skin around the eyes

• Improve wrinkles on the décolleté (chest)

Another benefit to this technology is that there is no downtime; one can have this treatment as the “lunchtime lift”.  Results may take anywhere from 60 to 90 days and when the results kick in one sees that the jawline is better defined, the neck lifts and the brows firms.

The ideal candidates are patients between the ages of 35 and 60 that are experiencing early signs of aging.  Patients over 60 may require a second treatment in six months.

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