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Lori B. Hall, LE, LMT
Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Routine
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Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Routine

Spring is coming now's a good time to take inventory of your skincare products, and it could be time to replace old and expired products.

The presence of strange odor, separation or discoloration usually indicates that the product is ready to toss. Contamination, oxidation, and ingredient breakdown, will occur over time. But there's more to quality than meets the eye (or nose) Even if there are no changes in a product's appearance, smell or consistency, it may still be past its prime.

As a general rule, most skincare products are formulated to maintain effectiveness for up to two years if unopened. Once opened, air, sunlight, and bacteria begin to break down the purity and efficacy of ingredients. Most over-the-counter skincare products including eye cream, moisturizer and topical anti-aging treatments fall under the FDA's “cosmetics” category. The FDA does not mandate expiration dates on cosmetics, which means you may not find one on your skincare packaging.

One exception is sunscreen. Because the FDA classifies sunscreen as a drug, SPF must feature a clear expiration date on its packaging.

Eye creams tend to have brief shelf lives because of the increased risk for eye infection due to bacterial growth. Certain anti-aging ingredients like vitamin C and retinol are more susceptible to heat, air, and sunlight and may lose their potency when exposed to these elements.

In addition, because “natural” and paraben-free products do not contain commonly used preservatives and sometimes no preservatives at all they may even have a shortened shelf life.

One surefire way to protect and prolong the life of skincare products Don't contaminate. Putting your fingers directly into a product container spreads bacteria. Use a spatula or swab to remove products from jars to protect its purity, and look for creams and serums packaged in airtight pumps, which help to limit ingredients' exposure to air. Try to store products away from direct heat, humidity, or sunlight to preserve their contents. When in doubt, toss It's not worth the risk of irritation, infection or in the case of an expired sunscreen, sunburn or damaged skin.

While you're at it, inspect your makeup brushes. It may be time to deep clean or replace them. Brushes are notorious for harboring bacteria and pore clogging debris.

Reorganize spring is the perfect time to refresh your bathroom or wherever you do your makeup and skincare. Do away with clutter, and replace items that are made for winter with lighter spring and summer products. Organize a nice little skincare and beauty station and make everything pleasant to look at and easy to access.

Spring is a time of renewal and revitalization. Many of us routinely begin spring cleaning around our homes at this time. Why not spend a little time refreshing and recharging your skincare routine and personal care space.

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