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The Luminous Lift A Holistic Approach To Facial Rejuvenation
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The Luminous Lift A Holistic Approach To Facial Rejuvenation

We have all seen the result of a bad facelift. People with the look that we refer to as “done.” Their procedures may have been technically successful re-draping and suspending the skin, hiding jowls and improving jawlines but they were aesthetic failures, as “smooth” and “tight” does not equate to “youthful.”

Digital Technology
A Game Changer

Fortunately, our ability to restore a youthful appearance has advanced dramatically in recent years, and much of the advances are attributable to digital imaging. To be more precise, improved imaging technology has allowed a more sophisticated and nuanced understanding of facial aging. The field of cosmetic surgery owes a debt of gratitude to some early adaptors of digital technology, such as Dr. Val Lambros.

Dr. Lambros, and several of his contemporaries, started to ask their patients for images from every decade of their life. He would try to select pictures with similar poses, and then have patients sit for portraits replicating those poses. He would take additional images every year, and in this way, developed an extensive digital library allowing for analysis of the changes in facial anatomy with age.

The Three Facial Aging Issues

These observations fundamentally changed the way we think of the aging process, and allowed us to recognize that as the face ages, three things occur The face descends. It deflates, and the skin becomes textured. With this improved model of facial aging as a lens, it is easy to see why many facelift patients walking around Southwest Florida a decade ago looked tight, but not youthful. Their surgery had addressed facial descent, but not facial volume loss, nor skin texture. As a result, they lost “facial harmony” and it became obvious that they “had some work done.”

Our current understanding of facial aging allows for much more natural rejuvenation. Today, facelifts are routinely supplemented by volume restoration (filler or fat grafts) and treatments for skin rejuvenation (laser resurfacing, peels, and skin care products).

The Modern Approach

These concepts led to the development of the Luminous Lift, an innovative combination of surgical and minimally invasive techniques developed by the surgeons at the Bitar Institute. The Luminous Lift addresses all three components of facial aging, and can often be performed under local anesthesia in the office setting. The face is divided into anatomic zones to permit an evaluation of descent, volume loss, and skin changes, and that facilitates the development of a treatment plan.

To address descent, the Luminous Lift may involve facelifts, mini facelifts, necklifts, browlifts, or eyelid surgery. To address volume loss, fat grafting, HA fillers, or even a few bio-stimulatory agents that promote collagen growth may be recommended. To address texture, tone, pigment, and lines in the skin, different light and laser therapies may be considered. The Luminous Lift permits precise analysis of each individual's aging, and allows the development of a personalized treatment plan.

By assessing and treating the different components of aging, the Luminous Lift can provide comprehensive rejuvenation, and therefore, a very natural youthful aesthetic.

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