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Tammy Leiner, Thermographer
Breast Health: Breast Health and Prevention vs. Breast Cancer Awareness
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Breast Health: Breast Health and Prevention vs. Breast Cancer Awareness

For Americans, the word “cancer” is thrown at us all the time. Some may find a sense of negativity and fear being served to us about breast cancer every year, especially in October. Isn’t it time we focus on prevention rather than awareness? We must educate ourselves on earlier detection and looking at some preventable strategies and root causes.

What Are Some Of the Causes?

Family history is one of the most significant, however, a healthy lifestyle can most likely change the outcome. Other risks include estrogen use (birth control pills, IUD’s, fertility treatments, hormone replacement therapy). These should be used as little as possible and only if needed. High levels of estrogen that occur naturally in the body should be discussed with your doctor – and how to reduce them. Other factors can relate to your menstrual cycle (periods starting before 12 or finishing after 50), never having children and lifestyle additives (smoking, high alcohol use, high sugar and fatty diets).

How Can We Reduce Risks?

Many things in a healthy breast protocol can reduce risk and promote better breast health including keeping your body alkaline and reducing acidity and inflammation. The four biggest factors are sugar, soda, alcohol and a heavy carbohydrate diet. Dry brushing/lymphatic work on moving stagnant fluid, essential oils and detoxification can also help. Thermography screenings can visualize most all of these issues as well.

What Is Thermography?

Thermography is infrared imaging for the breasts and body that is a non-invasive method to determine stagnant fluid, inflammatory processes and vascularity that may be occurring – years before other tests can see it. This scan looks at temperature and symmetry of each breast to determine if activity is present. It is an easy, inexpensive way to look at breast tissue in a whole new light.

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