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Angela C. Darling, DC, MSW
Chiropractic's Helping Hand in Fighting Cancer
Dr. Venus Seleme

Chiropractic's Helping Hand in Fighting Cancer

When faced with a diagnosis of cancer, a person makes many decisions about how to move forward. What many patients, and oncologists alike, may not be aware of is that chiropractors can be key team players in helping the person with cancer manage pain and increase their quality of life.

As most people who have experienced an illness would agree, pain management is indeed an important part of improving one's general outlook and ability to cope with their illness.

Ergonomics can help patients improve their overall quality of life. If certain body positions or postures cause the pain, chiropractic care might be able to provide significant benefit. If mobility is a concern, manipulations, stretches, and exercises may help to improve function and decrease pain associated with typical activities of daily living. Additionally, patients may benefit from cold laser treatment, far infrared saunas, and physiotherapeutic treatments to ease pain.

In most areas of the country, a person with cancer will probably not receive a referral to a chiropractor from their oncologist; most patients are self-referred.

If you have cancer and decide to go to your family chiropractor, results of your lab exams and any medication you are taking will be helpful to coordinate care with your oncologist. Any vitamin/mineral or herbal supplements the chiropractor suggests will need to be coordinated with treatments provided by an oncologist.

Your MRIs, CT scans or x-rays will be reviewed to ensure your bones are of sufficient strength to withstand a manual manipulation or perhaps a lower-force instrument adjustment.

Although no reputable chiropractor can claim to be able to cure cancer, there is much research available which suggests the benefits chiropractic care has on the immune system. A person experiences physical and emotional stress associated with a diagnosis of cancer. While going through chemotherapy and radiation, taking medications on a regimented schedule, and fear of the unknown, you undergo daily blows to the body's ability to ward off other illnesses like colds and flu. Chiropractic care can remove the interferences to the nervous system, freeing the immune system to function optimally, leaving you with more fighting power.

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