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Change Your Thinking
The Healing Frequency

Change Your Thinking

We live our lives in the duality that exists between our hearts and our minds. Our minds will continually ask for something but our hearts will not answer. Why would the mind do this? Sometimes we are just trying to keep up with the Joneses; other times we feel we deserve it or we simply believe this will make everything better and right.

It may be that we have not gone into our heart space to see what we really want, desire and feel we can obtain, causing this conflict. The majority of us go through life sweeping everything under the rug because we do not want to deal with it or don't know how to.

This “stuff” continues to grow and eventually all our thoughts and actions become governed by it. We soon find that we are reacting to our past and not what is in our present. This leads us to feel like no matter what we do, we keep getting the same outcome.

If you change your thoughts you will eventually change your mind and there you go, you will change your reality. Take those rose colored glasses off. Wake up and understand that your perception is forming your reality.

Your perception is based on everything you have learned and experienced from your past. So, then your next question should be, “How do we move past our perception and create a better reality for ourselves?”

You start with first understanding that perception. Your judgments, your beliefs and your resistance to change is rooted in fear.

Fear of gain is stronger than the fear of loss. That's why people make the same choices over and over again. You don't date the same bad boy over and over again because you enjoy it. No! You date him because you know him. You have to change this in order to create a more positive outcome, and get what you really want.

You must go back and uncover your truth and accept, understand and cherish yourself. If you do this work, you will find what really makes you tick and you will discover who you really are.

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