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Chinese Medicine and Fibroids
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Chinese Medicine and Fibroids

According to scientific reports, the cause of fibroids may relate to elevated estrogen (female hormone) levels. Estrogen levels decline during menopause and fibroids tend to shrink during this period. They may re-grow, however, due to the results of hormonal therapy.

Chinese medicine focuses on treating the cause rather than the symptom. In the case of fibroids, this means regulating and stimulating the patient's hormone system in an effort to make it more balanced. This eliminates the foundation of the fibroids, which in turn helps to shrink them.

While surgery can remove fibroids, it does not eliminate their cause, which often means fibroids can grow back. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, attempts to regulate an imbalanced endocrine system in an effort to not only shrink fibroids, but to also prevent their re-growth. This is accomplished by utilizing a combination of therapies that may include Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture that is developed for the unique needs of each individual.

So, before you undergo the trauma of a surgical hysterectomy, you should explore how Chinese medicine can help you. You just may find surgery is not necessary.

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