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New Year, New Smile, New You
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New Year, New Smile, New You

When your teeth are broken, loose, or missing, it is time to consider full arch solutions to replace your teeth and restore your smile. Three of the most common full arch teeth replacement treatments are conventional dentures, overdentures, and hybrid dentures. It is important to implement one of these solutions sooner rather than later to avoid bone loss, which can decrease your ability to eat and obtain proper nutrition and can also cause you to appear older due to lack of bone support of facial tissues.

Conventional dentures, also known as “plates”, are a removable appliance that completely covers your gums and jawbone. It is held in place by the suction of the denture to your gums or with the assistance of adhesive pastes. Conventional dentures can look good and fit well at the start, but overtime the jawbone gradually shrinks, and in some cases, there are micromovements of dentures, which can accelerate bone loss. This shrinkage can cause your dentures to become loose, making it difficult to chew and talk, and cause sore spots on your gums.

Another option for full arch teeth replacement is a denture supported by dental implants called an overdenture. Dental implants are anchors placed in the jawbone, serving as a foundation to replacement teeth. The dental implants increase stability despite the overdenture being a removable appliance. Overdentures are a better long-term solution compared to conventional dentures because the implant connections help to stimulate and maintain the jawbone, thus avoiding bone loss and changes in facial appearance.

Finally, a hybrid denture replaces all the teeth like a conventional denture, but is attached to implants like an overdenture. The important difference is hybrid dentures are fixed so they are attached all the time. A hybrid denture creates the most natural look and feel because it covers the least amount of your gums. Another benefit of this solution is that it can be implemented the same day that implants are placed, so patients can leave the office with a new smile in just a few hours.

The great thing about these options is that you can often start with one and gradually advance to another as time and finances allow. If you have been considering replacing your teeth, contact our office to learn more about which option is best for you and your new smile.

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