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New Year…New You
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New Year…New You

Natural hormones affect every aspect of your mind and body. “This cutting-edge therapy improved my foggy thinking and my fatigue,” says Donna age 52, “And I’m also losing weight!” Adding a little estrogen, testosterone, thyroid or progesterone can definitely improve your life. Natural hormones can:

• Improve your energy and make muscles firmer

• Ramp up your sex drive

• Stop hot flashes and night sweats

• Decrease sadness and anxiety

• Help you think more clearly

• Help you sleep much better

Natural bio-identical hormones can make such a dramatic difference in your daily life. But you must be careful that the hormones you take are natural and not synthetic, chemically altered versions, which do not work as well and are fraught with side effects and complications. With medical supervision you can have true vitality, without drugs.

All Ages

If you are in your 30s and 40s, your hormone levels have already declined; for some men and women this could be by 30-40%. A stressful event like an accident, surgery or an emotional blow like a death or divorce, can accelerate hormonal decline. Current blood tests and your symptoms will be used to assess your decline.

Women and men in your 50s-60’s…your hormone levels could be 60-80% of what they were in your young adult years. For many, this is the main reason you have no desire for sex, or can’t get off the couch. Also, hormones have a big effect on our mood. Are your thoughts and moods all scrambled and you wonder if you are going crazy? See if supplementing your hormones to your young adult levels will help.

If you are over 60, supplementing your natural hormones can give you a new, exciting chapter in your life. Just having sex again will make you healthier and happier. “I love my husband so much but sex was not enjoyable and even painful,” said Jeannine, age 62. “But now, we can’t stop touching each other.” Clients in their 80’s regularly enjoy sex thanks to natural hormone replacement.

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