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The Change Process From Thoughts To Results
Midlife Refocus

The Change Process From Thoughts To Results

Making changes in midlife is more than a lifestyle choice; it is a necessity. Children and young adults are in constant motion, constant evolution. This evolution doesn't need to stop at midlife. With the right mindset, we can transform our lives at any stage of our adult lives.

In January, change is in the air all around us. It's a new year. After the initial hype for change in January, we all will begin the actual hard work of making a plan of attack as we settle into February.

We all begin with the many random thoughts about how we should evolve over the next year. These thoughts include our fears, dreams, reasons and motivations about how and why we need to change. This is combined with our previous experiences; did we succeed or fail the last time(s) that we set goals?

We then get to analyze the feelings that we have related to the thoughts, goals and plans we make. Are our feelings related to fear of failure or motivation to succeed? Fear will immobilize us and motivation will fuel our steps toward positive actions. These feelings lead to the actions we take to attempt to reach our goals.

Our actions will lead directly to the results that we achieve. If we are successful with the first wave of actions, it will influence us to increase the intensity, frequency and duration of the actions that yielded positive results. If we are unsuccessful, we will decrease or even eliminate the action and abandon our goals. These results influence our new thoughts, feelings, actions and results for the next phase of our journey. This process repeats itself over and over and over.

Change is always possible, at each stage of our lives. All we have to do is understand the process and get help when needed. Have a great year.

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