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The Steps To Achieving Good Health
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The Steps To Achieving Good Health

Good health needs to be a multi-phase approach.  There is no one thing, no pill, no exercise, no diet that will do it all.  Achieving good health usually requires a change in lifestyle.

With most patients, the very first step in that process is identifying what’s wrong and how much is pathology or dysfunction.  A good examination and history are paramount is learning a patient’s health story.  Proper diagnostic testing should follow to confirm what health problems are suspected.

The goal should be to discover what is causing the problems so they can be treated instead of just managing the symptoms.  A comprehensive approach is to evaluate a patient’s structure, biochemistry and mental emotional health. This is called your “triad of health”.

A person’s structure is all the tangible parts of the body you can touch and feel.  These include bones, muscle, organs and glands. It is important that we are assessed for injuries and that those injuries are healed. Little injuries, aches and pains slowly begin to creep into our lives and too often we blame it on getting older.

Your biochemistry is your physiology at work.  It’s the millions of chemical reactions that occur every day inside you.  It’s your vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, hormones, neurotransmitters, immune factors and many more.  If your chemistry is not working for you then it’s working against you.  Functional diagnostic testing is crucial. It should be performed through blood, saliva, stool and urine. Proper nutrition and metabolic support helps to restore normal biochemistry.

Our mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health.  Much of how we feel is based on our neurochemical and hormonal health.  We build in conditioned responses to stimuli throughout life.  Some responses are good, and some are bad.  There are treatments to help decondition some of those responses and rid us that emotional baggage.  Life is hard and it’s often not fair.  It’s important when assessing your emotional health to evaluate if you have a brain based neurochemical or emotional problem or if you feel the way you do because of life events.  There are ways to help with both.

Evaluating these three areas are necessary to finding the true causes of why you don’t feel as good as you want to and receiving treatment.  My mentor says, “Your health is your birthright.”  You should be the very best custodian of it.  We can help guide you and inform you how to correct your health and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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