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Barstow Acres Children’s Center
You’re Invited! – Barstow Acres Children’s Center
Barstow Acres Children's Center
. https://childrencenter.net

You’re Invited! – Barstow Acres Children’s Center

Please join our FREE upcoming highly educational webinars, available for any community member, parent and childcare worker:

  • June 7th – Parent/Child Collaborative Problem Solving – Sarah Beebe
  • July 15th – Preventing & Intervening with Substance Abuse: Strategies to Implement with Teens – Pamela Marcus
  • Aug. 30th – Mindfulness Parenting Arti Kumar- Jain
  • Sept. 20th – Parenting the Child with ADHD – Sonia Hinds & Arti Kumar- Jain

Also Available – FREE webinars on Substance Use Psychoeducation and Support Groups:

  • June 8th – Inside-out, Emotions of Addiction – Peggy Kolodny
  • July 20th – Mindfulness, Living in the Present Moment, Triggers and Relapse Prevention – Julia Knach
  • Aug. 3rd – Celebrate Recovery and Spirituality – Marc Bartholomew

To register for our webinars go to:
then click calendar and click the on the corresponding date.

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