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Karen McDermott, DC
Chiropractic The Spine Is Just the Start
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Chiropractic The Spine Is Just the Start

Typically, chiropractic is thought to be confined to the treatment of musculoskeletal symptoms related to the spine. However, residual benefits of chiropractic care are often reported. These diverse benefits range from reduced snoring to better eyesight.

The basic chiropractic philosophy holds that we each possess an intricate defense system capable of combating invading organisms and other stressors that cause wear and tear on the body. Our brain is the central operating system for the myriad hormonal/chemical and mechanical interactions involved in protecting and balancing the healthy state of our bodies and depends on both the nervous system and the circulatory system to carry the chemical operating signals to every cell of the body. By reducing nerve interference to the spinal cord, natural healing is enhanced, as evidenced when patients receiving treatment for back pain often discover more regulation in their bowel habits. This is due to the fact that nerve roots that innervate the bowel are located in the lumbar spine, a common site treatment for back pain; so that treating one symptom often treats another.

Another important aspect of chiropractic treatment affects the body’s immune responses. With immune-affected diseases such as Lyme disease, the chiropractor approaches treatment from two perspectives aiding the body’s immune response and treating the musculoskeletal complaints directly.

Actually, treating the spine is only one part of an integral chiropractic treatment program. From a thorough patient history, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed that incorporates manipulation of the specific innervation of the ailing portion of the body with changes in diet, lifestyle, and prescribing an individual exercise program targeted to specific symptoms.

Alleviation of many chronic symptoms associated with illnesses such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, and poor circulation have been reported. Manipulation of the ribs and thoracic spine allows increased freedom of movement of the ribs and decreases spasm in accessory muscles of breathing. Chiropractic treatment has been shown in studies to reduce blood pressure in individuals with poor circulation and increase the efficiency of insulin, which is dysfunctional in diabetes.

Invariably when asked what is most important to individual happiness, the first response will be “good health.” When suffering any discomfort, who would not want to feel better? An increased feeling of comfort and well-being is, by far, the most common benefit of chiropractic care.

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