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Karen McDermott, DC
Electronic Modalities Used In Chiropractic Care
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Electronic Modalities Used In Chiropractic Care

Laser is a powerful tool that stimulates macrophage, mast cell and other production for healing, improves mitochondrial function for energy and increases cellular perfusion for cellular efficiency.

Not all lasers are effective for all conditions. A laser with a frequency of 830 nm is ideal for musculoskeletal conditions. It improves healing time for tendonosis, fractures in bone, wound healing, and is even effective for treating concussion.

Traction for the spine is effective in reducing the pressure form our body's weight on spinal structures. This allows the GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans) to absorb nutrition rich fluid in the vertebral discs. This occurs naturally in movement but when an immobilizing condition develops this means of maintaining disc health is inhibited. Traction is effective for the degenerative disc disease throughout the spine. Often when other treatments have not been effective, it is for radiculopathy in the extremities.

Electric stimulation is a useful tool that many find relaxing on sore, aching muscles. It allows passive contraction in muscles resulting in better blood flow that moves inflammatory mediator out of local tissue.

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