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J. Kenneth Bowman, DC
Importance Of Proper Posture
J. Kenneth Bowman D.C., LTD
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Importance Of Proper Posture

If you want to look like youve lost 10 pounds really quicklystand up straight. I listened to my chiropractor Dad and Granddad tell their patients this over most of the last century and they were right. You will absolutely look better and slimmer if you stand and sit with an erect posture. However, the benefits go way beyond appearance.

Correct posture is always relaxed and effortless. Chiropractors are trained to analyze and correct posture problems. To evaluate your posture, start at the feet. Pronation, or a dropping of the arch with inward turning of the ankle, can affect the standing position of the whole body. Significant leg length differences can contribute to posture faults. Other common causes of poor posture include failing muscle strength or reduced bone density.

All these more common causes can be addressed and corrected but first we should be aware of what perfect posture is, both standing and sitting.

When standing, dont attempt to do what your folks tried to drill into your head “Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back.” This is a military posture and requires constant effort. Try this instead

1) Stand with weight equally on both feet and create a separation between your belt in front and the bottom of the rib cage.

2) Now, separate your ears from your shoulders.

3) Finally, relax your shoulders. Feels right, doesnt it?

Next, evaluate your sitting or desk position. Your chair should be adjustable and allow you to sit straight or slightly reclined. Your back should be supported by the back of the chair with some lumbar support. Feet should be flat on the floor or on a separate platform to avoid fatigue.

The top of the monitor should be at about eye level and your mouse should be positioned so that your arm is supported and your elbow is bent at 90 degrees. Your keyboard should allow your forearm and hands to be flat, relaxed and supported.

You might ask someone you are around often to give you a nudge if they see you sitting or standing in an unsupported or slouching posture and in two weeks you will no longer need to be reminded.

Exercising, especially strength training, makes your muscles stronger which helps maintain body alignment and good posture. So, look slimmer and feel better with proper posture.

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