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Physical Symptoms Of Quarantine Fatigue
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Physical Symptoms Of Quarantine Fatigue

Staying Home Unexpectedly For an Extended Period? Watch Out For These Symptoms

Patient occupancy rate for many local doctors’ offices and other healthcare offices is less than 25%. Yes, this happened because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Local offices are worrying about their financial status, but we cannot complain too loudly because we are still much better off than some other small business owners who have had to close their businesses for now, or permanently.

We are all spending an excessive amount of time at home, much more than usual, due to this isolation situation to get away from COVID-19 virus.

There is not much we can do as far as this pandemic crisis is concerned, but we can address and give you some advice for symptoms or body pain caused by quarantine fatigue – symptoms we may experience when staying at home unexpectedly for a long time.


You have probably been spending a lot of time home including watching TV, using the computer, or playing video games. It is possible that you could experience headaches when you spend extra or excessive time with poor neck posture. These headaches will be muscular tension type. Stretch your trapezius muscle and use a heat pack on the neck and upper back area to relieve this symptom if it happens.

Blood Clot

Have you heard about economy class syndrome? This is when some people experience a blood clot in a deep vein due to insufficient leg room or prolonged immobility. When we don’t move actively as usual or sit in a chair for a long time, people can experience circulation problems with leg swelling or numbness. Moreover, there may be possible heart disease caused by an atrial bold clot.

Be sure to walk around and stretch often.

Neck Pain or Lower Back Pain

We experience neck pain or lower back pain when we perform too many activities, or when we are too inactive. When we stay home for a long time, more than usual, we may experience neck pain or lower back pain because our soft tissues get weaker and do not function properly. Also, bad posture can lead to these symptoms because of an imbalance of body parts.

Unfortunately, we do not know yet how long we are going to stay at home. These symptoms and risk factors will increase dramatically as time continues to go by.

We need to be active every day, and we need to be healthy with home exercise to maintain our body functions.

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