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Is Stone Massage Right For You?
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Is Stone Massage Right For You?

When you think of stone massage you may only consider it to be a relaxing treatment at a day spa. The use of heated and chilled stones is actually a tool used to achieve therapeutic results. There is no doubt that the use of heated stones in a massage session is relaxing and almost sedating, but alternating with chilled stones will also promote healing. 

Mary D. Nelson, creator of LaStone Therapy, the original stone massage says, “Geo-thermo-therapy is believed to increase the blood flow through the skin, detoxification is increased, supporting the liver, bowels, kidneys, lymphatic and circulatory systems. All of the body’s systems continue to respond for seventy-two hours after a LaStone treatment, during which healing occurs within the body. When using heated/warm stones throughout the body, you increase the blood flow to these areas. Isolating chilled/cool stones to an inflamed area will facilitate the removal of toxins and inflammation, encouraging a healing response deep within the body’s system.” 

An example of such effects is if the client comes in with a headache or migraine. The client will lay on top of covered heated stones and heated stones are placed on top of the sheet which covers the abdomen/sternum. Applying chilled stones to the head and face causes constriction of blood vessels-decreasing pain. The short application of chilled stones reduces discomfort of strains, sprains, bruises and muscle spasms. 

The LaStone instruction manual states there are contraindications to stone massage such as neuropathy and diabetes where nerve damage is present so that client may not sense actual temperatures applied. 

A full-body heated stone massage is not recommended for a pregnant client, although a spot treatment of chilled stones to the sacrum can relieve lower back discomfort. 

Make sure you are given an intake form with specific questions regarding your response to heat/cold. This will allow the massage therapist trained in stone massage to customize the massage to assure safe and effective results.

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