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Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais
Relieving Pain Through Integration Of Movement
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Relieving Pain Through Integration Of Movement

When is a baseball pitch powerful?

One usually says – when the pitcher has a strong arm. The man in the drawing seems to have one. But in looking more broadly one can see that it is more than the arm. His whole body is strong, and it is operating as a unit. His intent and focus are an active force. And, he feels a strong connection to the earth. It is the combination of all three that produces strength.

A baseball pitch is a beautiful example, among many, of a movement where the power comes from integration – from the whole body and the whole person functioning as a single, dynamic unit.

And, by contrast, where does pain come from?

Pain comes from a lot of places. But, very often it comes from movement that is not well integrated.

While “integration” gives a single, simple formula for how to do things well, there are many ways to depart from that high standard and, sadly, do things badly. These include:

  • Not being focused on what you are doing
  • Moving the limbs without connection to the torso
  • Being stiff in the torso
  • Using the arms without connection to the ground
  • Holding the breath
  • Being stiff in the hip joints
  • Not feeling counterbalances

In physical training and in recovering from injury, everything that you can do to more fully integrate your actions and yourself in the action will contribute to your strength, endurance, longevity and – beauty.

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