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Jay West, HT
A Healthy Year: Resolution Solutions
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A Healthy Year: Resolution Solutions

The time is here to ring in New Years, to reflect upon the year past and plan for a healthy, prosperous and happy year ahead. It may often be easy to plan resolutions, but keeping them can be another story. If you have made the great decision to eat healthier, exercise more, and/or focus more on your health, you have one of the top most common New Year’s resolutions in America. Healthcare providers are here to help you succeed with those wellness goals throughout each year.
Preparing for Healthy Years Ahead with Preventative Care
Did you know walking at least two hours per week has been associated with reduction in the incidence of premature death of any cause by 39%–54%? Take small steps for big changes, and make sure your health is on track preventively. Even if you’re relatively healthy, being aware of your medical and family history, and screening for risk factors to catch any disease processes early can be vital.
Ensure to keep up with indicated lab screenings, and consider a health optimization approach with diagnostic testing such as food sensitivity, organic acid, metabolization, gastrointestinal, hormonal, adrenal and stress testing. Whether you’re “healthy as a horse” or suffering from conditions, most of us certainly wouldn’t complain if we had more energy, better cognitive function, a more toned physique, and/or less pain.
Taking Time to Get Care
for an Injury or Disability
in the New Year
Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to sustain an injury or develop a disability, yet they are unable to take the time to seek care and receive treatment at the time. Typical reasons are pain from an old injury or accident, or have a functional, partial or complete disability that’s deteriorating, but making the time to get treatment has been a challenge.
Treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neurofeedback/qEEG, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory trigger point injections, and nerve infiltrations, nutrition/nutraceutical supplement plans and much more, can provide significant relief. As you plan out the year consider utilizing extra time such as accumulated paid time off/sick leave, retirement, FMLA, partial disability hours, etc to get care, helping repair functionality and optimize quality of life.
Don’t procrastinate, try outlining your wellness resolution plans ahead. Enjoy the celebration, in moderation, while you kick unhealthy habits into last year. Remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
So, here’s to making and keeping new healthy goals, shedding unhealthy habits, and preparing for many lively, long years ahead.

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