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Addiction and Yoga
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Addiction and Yoga

Addiction is a compulsive psychological need for a habit-forming substance. What is your addiction? Coffee, tea, cigarettes, cola, sex, drugs, alcohol, sweets, food, gamblingthey can all become an addiction.

Habits can become addictions. Habits are a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition. The habit of frequently drinking sodas or other drinks containing caffeine can become addicting, because you can become addicted to the caffeine.

Caffeine is said to be an addictive drug in legal form. People drink coffee as a picker upper. Coffee elevates your mood, brings about alertness, sensitivity of touch, smell, sight and hearing. But coffee can also cause nervousness, irritability, insomnia, tremors and depression. Coffee stimulates the central nervous system, constricts the cerebral blood vessels, increases blood flow in the body, stimulates the heart and increases basal metabolic rate. Coffee limits glucose metabolism, relaxes and smoothes muscles and increase the flow of urine. Coffee can shorten sleep time and cause an early dream state. Coffee and cigarettes elevate blood pressure and may be considered as dangerous as amphetamines (street drugs).

Coffee can cause an irregular heart beat, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, urine acid, tremors and convulsions. Coffee causes headaches, ringing in the ears and coffee has cancer-causing effects. Dependence causes psychological need for drinking coffee in the morning or anytime. Coffee may have an effect on unborn children.

To control your addictions and undesirable habits try yoga and meditation. Yoga teaches Pratyahar, control of the senses and thoughts.


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