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Venetta Kalu, CNS, ND, MPHA
Detoxification Is Not a Cure All
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Detoxification Is Not a Cure All

Detoxification Is Not a Cure All

There is an ever-increasing trend in detoxification. On social media there are many advertisements for different types of detox programs, pills, and teas promising to detoxify the body rendering a “clean new you” with a flatter belly, lighter in pounds, clearer skin, and other various enticing sentiments to draw people in to purchase their product. One advertisement asks people to hurry and create their detox program and sell, sell, sell.

However, some of the promoters and manufacturers of these products and programs, which all claim to be the next best thing since sliced bread, are being casual about the claims of what a detox can cure. Those who push detoxification pills and teas and those who purchase them may want to be aware that a person’s health status must be taken into consideration when engaging in detoxification. In addition, there may be some benefits that some people can experience by engaging in a well-designed detoxification program.

Let us explore two truths about detoxification:

Detoxification Is Not a Cure All

Though there are many amazing benefits that a detox program can deliver to an individual, the fact remains that detoxifying the body will not help with all incurable diseases, certain types of cancers, and some chronic ailments. To detoxify seems simple enough such as to drink this and eliminate that in the process. It is a little more complex that. Although not a cure all as stated above, a good, structured detoxification program can help with many issues if the detoxification practitioner is skilled and knowledgeable in how the body operates, mechanisms of cleansing, and paths and mechanisms of healing.

Detoxification Is More Than Just Weight Loss

Another point to consider is that detoxification is not a diet. You may lose weight on the program and on a good program it is expected that water and waste will be excreted causing a person to become 3-10 pounds lighter. Nevertheless, after a detox the weight will come back on if the same habits are kept that made a person toxic and unhealthy. The major purpose of detoxification is to eliminate from your body the toxic chemicals that create disease. Just know that true weight loss involves a dietary and lifestyle change.

For example, a person is overweight but continues to eat the fast food and keep a sedentary lifestyle after a detox. To that person, a detoxification program may give some benefits and slight weight loss, but it will not be permanent if the original habits are not altered.

All in all, detoxification is more than just fad and fashion. There is a need for it. It is not a cure-all and change must be the end goal of the program to make it worthwhile. If a person already has a good healthy lifestyle, then jump right in with detoxifying as part of selfcare. If not, then take detoxing slow and start by going to a practitioner who has a long successful history with detoxification such as I have to offer my clients.

A true detoxification program that encourages good eating habits and teaches good lifestyle principles is a must to go along with any detoxification program. A detoxification diet, system, or program that only includes pills is a waste of time.

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