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Jay West, HT
Hand In Hand: HBO and Integrative Care
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Hand In Hand: HBO and Integrative Care

Have you ever wondered about an integrative approach to your healthcare, but wanted to learn more about how it all works? Or, you may have been recommended or researched hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), but want to understand how it functions first.
Curious minds wonder alike. The medical field is constantly researching advances with new knowledge, and it is also vital that patients are educated about all the care options available to pursue for healthier happier outcomes.
How Do Integrative Healthcare and Hyperbaric Work In
a Nutshell?
Integrative medicine and HBO work synergistically in helping heal the underlying causes of many diseases through addressing imbalances functionally and helping activate the bodies healing cascade to repair and regenerate.
Suffering from conditions
improved with HBO?
(14 FDA approved)
Numerous conditions that have caused damage or infection to tissue, organs and/or bone that may not have responded to or have side effects from other treatments, are indicated for improvement with HBO, several which are FDA approved and insurance covered.
Delayed radiation injury (from cancer treatments), often at the site of previous radiation – can be internal/long term
Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
Osteoradionecrosis (ORN), bone death due to cancer radiation
Osteomyelitis and ORN in dental applications from infection/radiation
Compromised skin grafts and flaps/failed surgical procedures (post surgical, including cosmetic/reconstructive, under care of surgeon)
Diabetic ulcers, burns, non-healing wounds/infections (under specialized wound care)
Severe anemia (requiring blood transfusion)
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) including concussion, stroke, certain neurological conditions (not covered by insurance)
These conditions include a wide range of symptoms, many that can be quite burdensome to leading an active lifestyle, including chronic/acute pain, cancer treatment side effects, joint/muscle/back pain, fatigue, digestive/urinary issues, limited range of motion, gastrointestinal issues, inflammation, diabetes, neuropathy, scar tissue, swelling, cognitive issues (chemo-brain), non-healing wounds (also diabetic/pressure ulcers), blood loss (anemia), headaches/migraines and more.
The combination of integrative and hyperbaric medicine can greater produce positive results because we are approaching the underlying cause/causes of health issues from so many different angles, to help provide the patient the best possible care.

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