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Herbalism In Action
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Herbalism In Action

When a health issue is mentioned an herbalist’s mind goes to what is the root cause? Herbalists track the patho-physiological way a disease manifests and review systems affected. But before herbal advise is offered, an interview with the individual helps the herbalist get to know them, their stress levels, traumas from past, health history and of course how this issue is showing up in their life. Herbalist do not diagnosis or prescribe but will listen and learn, educate and inform. Often clients have not been heard. After two hours of sitting in the yurt, drinking tea and discussing their health, a plan is developed.

Plants work to nourish, balance, restore and build resilience. Herbs are sold as food in America and can often be taken as foods, teas and extracts to affect a specific area or spread widely to nourish the entire body. That is in the discretion of the herbs and practitioner.

Some of the most important herbs being utilized by mainstream functional medicine practitioners include Adaptogens like; Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Schizandra and Holy Basil. These herbs support the individual during times of stress to build stamina, vitality and resistance to stress. Plants necessary in building immune system resilience are the medicinal mushrooms like; Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps. During this pandemic it is wise to take a daily tonic of mushrooms for their immuno-modulating capability and some adaptogens to power up the endocrine system to build resistance to stress.

Using herbal medicine can be daunting unless you have education and guidance to navigate the world of plant chemical constituents, actions and energetics. Be sure to find a qualified, reigstered herbalist. The American Herbalist Guild upholds the standards and criteria of working as an herbal practitioner. Classes and workshops provide a good way to bring herbal knowledge into your life, kitchen and health.

Plants are our food and medicine – be grateful for the incredible gifts of nature that heals.

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