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Jesse Harshbarger, BCHt, NLP
How Does Hypnosis Improve My Decision Making?
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How Does Hypnosis Improve My Decision Making?

Different decisions within different contexts require us to have different qualities in a given context. How do you know whether to go right or go left? The qualities of your discriminatory strategies will be a powerful determinant of your results. Making bad choices, or practicing ineffective strategies will prove troublesome at least and disastrous at most. The value of hypnosis as a means of preparing yourself to make good decisions and take effective action is one of the best of all reasons for hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

There’s a line of thought in psychology that suggests people want to have their symptoms and problems due to a belief these problems serve a greater psychological need. This greater need is termed as “secondary gain”. Secondary gain is the payoff you receive for continuing to have this problem. Imagine a man who receives a monthly check for some disability aggravated or made worse by being overweight. The monthly check is the secondary gain working against his efforts to be healthier. It could also be attention and care from a loved one due to the disability.

It is realistic that accepting this is true will be empowering in deciding what to do when someone desires to have a better life, a healthier life. While receiving the monthly stipend is attractive, how much more money could this man receive if he were healthy enough to live a much higher quality of life? This would mean he would be able to regain his health, move around easily and even land a good paying job. His entire life would change, if only he decided to change his life story.

Striving for empowerment and increasing self-value are a couple of the basics of hypnosis. Likewise, acceptance and utilization are common concepts employed in hypnotherapy. Hypnosis serves as a vehicle for teaching individuals how to associate their ideas, feelings, and behaviors in a conscious way allowing them to make better choices and enhance their life experience.

Hypnosis is a way to help guide a person to better results by way of their own thoughts, then words and finally their actions. To be the creator of your own existence, just by following some simple suggestions, is the power of hypnosis. First, you must decide what you really want. Then you decide to achieve it.

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