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Is Your Brain Balanced?
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Is Your Brain Balanced?

You can take my word for it that you’re really missing a lot if you are not brain balanced. When both sides of the brain work together, it enhances your ability to function at full capacity and make better decisions. People tend to be primarily either left-brained or right-brained, but brain balanced people benefit from the way each side of the brain processes information.

If you function primarily from your left brain, you tend to make decisions by analyzing facts. You think more linearly, seeing all the details and form strategies. You are also able to keep yourself sequentially organized and on time.

Those are all good things, but look at what you are missing if you are not fully using the right side of the brain You are less able to access your inner wisdom and your feelings. The right side of the brain balances the left brain with its ability to think intuitively and holistically. Right-brained people are more in the “now,” see the whole picture, the possibilities, and are more spontaneous and imaginative in their thinking. Though left-brained people are good communicators, it is the right brain that can interpret non-verbal clues and therefore gives you a better understanding of a situation.

While brain balanced, you have access to more information for your decision making.You become more peaceful, creative, productive and joyful. It helps you to stay grounded.It prepares you to calmly face challenges with the ability to see the whole and its parts.It assists you in looking at things more objectively and less emotionally, so that you’re less stressed.

Since your mind and your body are intimately connected, you will also have a better functioning immune system.You will develop better focusing and organizational skills, thus helping you work to your full potential.You will be more open to change and more consistent in your actions to achieve your goals.

These benefits are hopefully all the motivation you need to make the decision to take two minutes every morning and throughout your day, as needed, to balance your brain.

How to do Brain Balancing:

  • Place right hand above right eyebrow and left hand on back left side of the neck.
  • Hold for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Reverse hands by placing left hand above left eyebrow and right hand on back right side of the neck.
  • Hold again for 30 seconds to a minute.

You’ll find that having a fully functioning and balanced brain is helpful for all of your decision making and will give you a healthier body, mind and spirit.

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